About us

Our vision is to build a sustainable digital future, utilizing innovative technology solutions developed by our highly skilled team.

High-Caliber Professionals

AutSoft Ltd. was founded in 2011 by the Department of Automation and Applied Informatics of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Cooperation with the university has continued ever since, ensuring continuous professional development and a ready supply of talented young engineers. Today, we have 150 highly qualified co-workers eager to use their specialized skills to deliver high-value solutions. Thanks to this reliable and dedicated workforce, AutSoft provides quick, flexible, and unique solutions to issues faced by a wide range of industries.

Our competencies

AutSoft is known as one of Hungary’s largest mobile technology developers for both iOS and Android. AutSoft is also recognized for its expertise in Microsoft technologies and the frameworks of open-source software, such as Java, JavaScript, Node.JS, AI, BigData, and microservice systems.

We emphasize customized, innovative solutions; agile and traditional software development methods; as well as AI and IoT solutions. AutSoft is committed to research and development, education and training.

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Dóra Cseresnyés

Chief Executive Officer

Gábor Szabó

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Péter Ekler

Chief Technology Officer

Gábor Fauszt

Sales Director

Bertalan Forstner

Chief Business Development Officer

Anna Sára

Tender and HR Office Manager

István Albert

Project Management & Quality Director

ISO / IEC 27001 certification

AutSoft aims to offer and implement an optimal technological solution in need of customers, by understanding their business processes, seeing through their operations.

We continuously improve the quality of our services as well as our operational processes to achieve and maintain the satisfaction of our customers and other stakeholders.

Besides, we handle information security issues with high priority both in our operational and service processes, also the developed software products. As a responsible company, we grant the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and information processes

By obtaining ISO / IEC 27001 certification, we ensured that information security has a prominent role in our operations, as well as to maintain and improve the integrity of our data and systems. The key is our privacy policy, which guides both colleagues and clients on what they can expect from us.

ISO / IEC 27001 guarantees high information security quality and continuous improvement/development.

ISO 27001 - HUN-ENG_27001-ENG_27001-ENG_COLOUR_Certop_27001-COeng
ISO 27001 - HUN-ENG_27001-ENG_27001-ENG_COLOUR_Certop_27001-COeng

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