Among the numerous challenges facing health care today are the need to decrease the incidence of human error in medical treatments; to ensure that treatment leads to a higher quality of life; and to manage the shortage of health care personnel. Digital technologies are used in many areas of health care delivery, such as patient registration, data processing, diagnostics, and even complex operations. Technology for these functions is provided by the IT sector’s very best development firms. Beyond the doctor-patient relationship and everyday treatment, however, health care encompasses much more.


The internet is now everywhere, and more patients are going online to diagnose their own symptoms – retrieving medical information from often unreliable sources. To prevent false diagnoses and their dire consequences, apps are needed which are based on reliable medical information. Specialized apps can provide a multitude of services: for example, managing a particular illness, encouraging good nutrition, supporting doctors with data, or providing first aid. AutSoft provides its partners with the technological expertise they need so that their good ideas for health care apps are converted into reality.



Solution for Health: multi-pronged health maintenance app; user motivation system. Connects to health-monitoring tools.

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