Managing Data from the Production Line

In a production environment, it is crucial to be able to visualize and monitor the items being manufactured – in the right place, at the right time. Current solutions that gather and process these data often display them in a format which is too abstract and schematic, making decision-making difficult. The problem is especially evident whenever a sudden issue requires immediate, effective intervention. In such cases, the data should be on hand, when it is needed.

Another critical factor is mapping data and records to specific physical objects. Quality control of a product or component and sending it for post-production presupposes that information be attached to specific objects. For example, marking and logging a defect in a car’s paint job or a discontinuity in a material on the assembly line can be cumbersome. A solution to this problem could speed up the whole production process.

New Workflows

Manufacturers seeking to adapt new technologies and processes in their industrial plants are hampered by a shortage of manpower. The time needed to retrain existing workers can result in a significant decline in output. The resulting pressure, combined with a lack of resources, means that most factories do not spend enough time to train workers thoroughly in the new processes and equipment. A similar problem arises when a new hire requires training: generally, an experienced worker must spend time supervising, which also reduces efficiency.

Workforce Training

HoloAssist, our augmented-reality solution, is ideally adapted to support industry workflows. Using an AutSoft-developed software system, HoloAssist accesses production-line data through IoT devices and makes this contextual data accessible at the time and place it is really needed. The AR headset and its app presents the data in a predictive, informal format, while keeping the user’s hands free to work. The system’s users can intervene remotely, using a single interface to configure all the modules that are attached to the production line.

When it comes to training new workers or implementing new systems, HoloAssist makes it easy. The user simply puts on an AR headset and completes the training independently. The application provides step-by-step instructions and animations that appear both as text and in space, providing in-depth knowledge of the elements in each step and how they work. This training application supports the production process – and not just during the training phase. HoloAssist also functions as a continuous, „live,” Help resource even while production is underway. Preparation of each training module is supported through a web-based interface.

Increased Efficiency

Thanks to an integrated production line, the system supports information flow as well as training. The system alerts the user to unexpected events and abnormalities in the workflow. Information is available not only via text messages and diagrams, but also through concrete 3D objects and animations. This rich informational context helps users to resolve problems much more quickly, increasing productivity. In addition, workflow supervisors gain a valuable tool for increased efficiency, because they can mark and log defective items and components already during the production process.

Even though it is tightly integrated, the system responds flexibly to changes in workflow, equipment, or product specifications – providing continuous and uninterrupted support for users.



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