The largest part of Hungary’s GDP is provided by the manufacturing sector, and this sector too is facing the challenges posed by digitalization. But although Industry 4.0 solutions are increasingly available, small and medium enterprises continue to lag behind when it comes to automation. For manufacturers that have fallen behind technologically, the preparedness gap only increases over time. Yet those who do not invest time and resources into digitalization will lose out.


Countless innovative solutions are available to the manufacturing sector. Production lines can be automated, smart tools can be used in various work processes, VR and AR technologies can be implemented. AutSoft, as a custom software development firm, builds on its experience and expertise to provide the best and most innovative solutions to its partners, fostering development in the manufacturing sector and the Hungarian economy as a whole.



Managing Data from the Production Line In a production environment, it is crucial to be able to visualize and monitor the items being manufactured – in the right place, at the right time. Current solutions that gather and process these data often display them in a format which is too abstract and schematic, making decision-making…

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