Recent years have seen a new industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0. In essence, Industry 4.0 seeks to implement the highest possible degree of automation in production lines, using modern data mining techniques. The resulting data analysis paves the way for new forms of automated solutions and management support.

Many factories carry out processes manually which could be automated given the right tools. Greater automation means less need for manpower. As machine-to-machine interfaces become more widespread, the need for human intervention also drops, as does the probability of human error.

Such solutions optimize the production process, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Functions and Characteristics

AutSoft offers cost-effective solutions for the automated handling of many issues faced by factory production. For example: industrial cameras record photos and videos from several locations on the production line. The cameras then use image processing algorithms to carry out certain tasks in an automated way, such as calculating the number and type of items produced. We also provide a solution for quality assurance, with real-time detection of defective products – again, reducing the need for manpower. Thus, image processing techniques and deep learning algorithms are used to meet the production line’s specific challenges.


Using the large amount of data produced in the factory environment, we apply data mining techniques to create forecasts based on predictive modeling. We also provide management support solutions, which process and analyze data collected from the various systems. For example, our predictive maintenance solution can forecast breakdowns for the components being monitored, decreasing the likelihood of unexpected shutdowns and optimizing scheduled maintenance. In building the predictive models, we utilize a variety of statistical and machine-learning methods to enhance the accuracy of forecasts.

These services can be integrated – for example, to enhance the functionality of our Industry 4 Zero Point product, which is targeted primarily at SMEs in the manufacturing sector. This system constitutes a cost-effective way of increasing digitalization and automation in company operations.



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