Health Maintenance

Vilavi is a complex service dedicated to health maintenance. It focuses on prevention and rehabilitation for cardiovascular disease – the leading cause of death in Hungary.

In addition to adequate medical care, an individual’s lifestyle is key to his or her health outlook. Vilavi encourages users to maintain a healthy lifestyle over the long term, thereby increasing their prospects for a longer, healthier life.

Acting as the user’s “personal assistant”, the Vilavi mobile app encourages its users to meet daily goals, using a complex motivation system that includes a variety of challenges, encouragement, incentives and reminders.

How it Works

Vilavi is the first evidence-based application that integrates all the pillars of a healthy lifestyle into one application. Currently it includes more than 10 health support modules.


  • Main modules


Personalized food packages (by the recommended amount of consumption), fluid intake control, meal reminder.

Physical activity

Based on motion logs, recommending new activity goals, assessing fitness levels.

Medical support

Regular reminders about taking medication, support to quitting bad habits.

Stress management

Guided stress relieving exercises, audio materials, expert opinions.


Vilavi users can take part in personal consultations as well as group activities, providing helpful motivation for reaching their individual goals.

The application can be connected via Bluetooth to other health maintenance tools, such as smart watch, smart scale, or blood pressure monitor. Based on analysis of the data gathered through all these tools, Vilavi can recommend specific screening tests, which also contribute to health maintenance and disease prevention.


Health Care

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