Long-Term Solutions

The demand for IT systems and digital solutions is exploding. In practically all areas of business and consumer activity, it is clear that a well-designed system can make life more efficient. The IT sector also has plenty to do with tasks related to legacy code, which needs to be rewritten or replaced.

For most companies, maintaining a large, dedicated team to develop and maintain all their software is not the optimal choice. Instead, they outsource these tasks to firms committed to efficient project-based delivery, quality products, and long-term solutions.

The Development Process

To deliver the optimal solution to our clients, a thorough knowledge of available technology is not enough. Our team of experts first identifies and articulates project requirements. Based on these, we specify the design and create a user experience and user interface that ensure efficient access and ease of use.

A well-designed software also considers the network environment, security, and code maintenance factors that are necessary for smooth operation.

What Makes Us Unique

Our team at AutSoft Ltd. is committed to developing quality software, delivering optimal and long-term solutions, and thorough testing.

Our development team keeps up with ongoing technological advances. Taking the client’s environment and other external factors into account, we choose technologies which are both cutting-edge and stable, and which meet our client’s unique needs. We believe that in the field of software development, a well-designed plan is the prelude to the code we write: the design plan essentially defines the resulting software. We emphasize high-quality code that can be maintained; we use solutions which are effective, future-proof and clear-cut, and which can be thoroughly tested.


We employ a wide range of technologies to meet our clients’ needs. They include:

  • Native mobile developments: Android, iOS
  • Crossplatform technologics: Xamarin, Cordova, Flutter
  • .NET Framework, UWP, ASP.NET Core
  • Java, Spring Framework, Java EE, Java SE, JavaFX, other Java systems
  • Responsive web-based systems Angular, React, Vue.js, etc.
  • C, C++, Qt
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • MS Sparks, Databricks
  • Cloud solutions: Amazon, Azure, Google, Cloud Platform
  • Business Intelligence systems: Microsoft BI, SAP Business Objects, Pentaho
  • BigData, data streaming and data mining: Hadoop, Apache, NiFi, Spark, Flume, Pig, Kafka, HBase, Google BigQuery, etc.
  • AR/VR solutions: Hololens, Unity
  • Artificial Intelligence, machine learning

Even after the software is delivered and implemented, our development task continues: we participate in the entire DevOps process, providing support for testing, implementation framework, and software maintenance activities.

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