Continuous Change

The field of information technology is developing at breakneck speed; all the related technologies, tools and programming languages are also adapting and changing. Some technologies undergo major changes every six months … and developers have no choice but to keep up and keep learning.

For many companies, the advance of digital technology presents a burden: they simply cannot devote enough time to learn about the latest relevant technologies and make sure their software developers get the training they need.

To optimize a software development process, it is not enough to know the basics of a particular technology. Cloud-based solutions, testing tools, software methodologies and various automatization applications must all be mastered.

University Background

Working closely with the Department of Automation and Applied Informatics of the Budapest University of Technology, AutSoft Ltd. is dedicated to training outstanding professionals in software development. With our highly qualified team of university professors and 20 years of experience in running courses for companies, AutSoft training programs ensure that our clients master the up-to-date technology solutions they need. Subject matter is customized to meet each client’s needs; we convey skills and knowledge through hands-on, practical courses.

Both classroom and online (e-learning, streaming) courses are available.

Training Topics

We can provide training for entire teams of developers in new technologies, development basics, and programming languages.

Each course is tailored to the client’s particular needs and consists of customized topics. New technologies are introduced through practical exercises and case studies. Many technologies require in-depth mastery of particular topics: in these cases, we create intensive courses that hone in on these topics.

Past training courses have covered the following subjects (list incomplete):

  • Android based software development: general and advanced levels
  • iOS-based software development: general and advanced levels
  • Responsive web development: Angular and React frameworks
  • FullStack development: different database solutions, backend development, frontend solutions
  • Java development: general and advanced levels
  • Java Spring-based development
  • Microsoft technologies, .NET: general and advanced levels
  • MS Sparks, Databricks
  • Software development methods: Agile tools, GIT, CI/CD, code quality, testing