The path that leads to new and innovative solutions is by no means straightforward. The very process of defining a problem sheds light on additional areas that require creative rethinking. Even if a solution is proposed, numerous aspects still need investigation: whether the proposal can realistically be implemented, for example, or how effective and safe it is.

Most firms, particularly small and medium-sized ones, spend their resources on other areas and do not have a dedicated R&D department of experts and researchers in various fields of science and technology. AutSoft’s dedicated R&D team exists to fill this gap, effectively and reliably.

Links to Higher Education

As an innovative company, AutSoft is a pioneer in R&D. Our owners, managers and professional executives include many researchers with doctorates in technical fields, who oversee team members with Masters degrees.

Our projects range from theoretical basic research to applied development of solutions for everyday use.

Our team’s scientific and applied research results in proof-of-concept prototypes. Based on these, the technology is developed, which in turn lays the groundwork for production and output, and eventually productization and marketing. We document all outputs and results, ensuring their reproducibility.

Areas of Research

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Text processing, Deep-learning methods –Tensorflow, Theano, Pytorch. Predictive maintenance, object and face recognition.
  • IoT PlatformsIoT frameworks, Time series and trend analysis, anomaly detection, user profile generation, machine learning, machine vision.
  • Virtual reality, machine vision
    Support and training for industrial processes in an artificial environment with image processing.
  • Data Science

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