Design Process

All modern-day businesses know they face keen competition in the quality and price of their service or product. But firms are also realizing the importance of providing exceptional user experience, and this means a growing focus on software design.

The design team’s task is to plan and test a software product’s user experience under real conditions. Even before beginning the design, designers must research the client’s requirements and business model and gather information on the product’s end users.

AutSoft’s design team comprises UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) professionals.

The Bases of User Experience

The UX designer’s work begins with research. Based upon empirical research, he/she designs, tests and builds up the user experience, then analyzes and optimizes it. User experience is just that: what the user experiences during his or her interactions with the product.


  • Competitor analysis
  • Field research
  • Heuristic evaluation
  • Focus points



  • Information architecture
  • Wireframe model, interactive prototypes



  • Real users
  • Analysis of feedback

User Interactions

UI designers play a key role in guiding the user’s interactions through visual means. In addition to designing the interface, our UI team is responsible for creating the graphic design, interactions, and adaptive interface.

UI tasks:

  • Interface design
  • Optimizing file size
  • Optimizing resources

A positive user experience can depend on little details – for example, graceful animations or illustrations that smooth a transition from one screen display to the next.

Our design team works closely with developers from the planning stage through implementation. Relying on our efficient and client-centered development process, our goal is to provide our clients with effective software solutions.

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